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Okay, folks.

Where is the war in warcraft now? It seems they’re too busy killing dragons and dead things to worry about fighting each other.

*deep breath*

Those things? When they’re killing dragons and dead things and old gods and lich kings? THOSE. ARE. WARS. You dumbshit!

Horde vs. Ragnaros / The Quiraji, Alliance vs. Ragnaros / The Quiraji … Horde vs. Illidan, Alliance vs. Illidan… Horde vs. Yoggie / Arthas, Alliance vs. Yoggie / Arthas… Horde vs. Ragnaros / Deathwing, Alliance vs. Ragnaros / Deathwing … These are all wars! The combined efforts versus Archimonde at the Battle of Mount Hyjal? That was a war!

Hurr hurr it’s WARCRAFT so clearly the Alliance and the Horde must be at perpetual WAR! No. Shut up. There are plenty of wars not rooted in another senseless, forced, lore-poor “lol orcs vs. hoomans!” conflict. Besides, “combined effort” or “separate problems while dealing with mutual threat” doesn’t write out antagonism (just not this Garrosh / Wrynn bullshit we’ve had since the opening of Ulduar).

Maybe you want the simplistic lol orcs vs. humans. That’s fine. Just stop fucking saying it because “it’s WARCRAFT and that’s WAR!”. There’s plenty of other wars that’ve been going on.

(clearly, too, I find them more interesting).

Sigh. That is all.

Substance coming Soon*

(*Soon tm Blizzard).


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  1. Michael said,

    On my original server during vanilla (yes, a very long time ago) there use to be wars:

    Southshore is where most epic battles would be fought. Sometimes 2 40people raids versus 2 40people raids. Sometimes the battles would push into Tauren Mill and then someone would decide to kill the npc and then the whole raid would get dishonorable kills.

    Alterac Valley games would stretch for 10+ hours you could go to sleep log back on and the same game is taking place. This was also in vanilla before cross server queues.

    My feeling is that over time the rewards and motivation to do world pvp as a whole has changed. Before blue pvp gear was acceptable to join a raid for UBRS (remember when it was 10m?), AQ20 and ZG. Now with the instant honor (do the Wintergasp quests) and emblem farming random heroics there is not much incentive.

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