Paladin progress? At an end?

February 20, 2010 at 9:29 am (althattery) (, , , )

No! It is just beginning to get fun.

Galgamesh hit 80 earlier last night, in the only fitting way – in the middle of tanking an instance. Ahn’kahet. In fact, the first boss she fought at 80 was Prince. But not in the Blood Princes version, thankfully.

After a bit of scurrying around, getting a Titansteel Shield Wall, getting stuff enchanted with Defense, getting capped, she’s run a few heroics – and thanks to Mach, Hhol, and Azureangel taking turns healing, several regular Trial of the Champions.

She has The Black Heart, on her first night of being 80, before she even has a single piece of T9. This seems wrong, and either presages greatness, or a titanic disaster of gearing.

Mu wa ha ha ding!

But now maybe we can go back to Huntering and some more thoughtful posts.


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This is threatening to turn into a Newbie Tank Blog.

February 4, 2010 at 9:55 pm (althattery) (, , , , , )

Adventures In Babysitting Tanking! I guess I’ll have to write a bit on Being A Hunter … and I think I even found a niche. I’ve discovered that recently a lot of people talk about a lot of things on my mind and what I want to say, has been said (contra-DPS bias, people calling BS on people saying WoW Is Easy**) – the idea of “what to write” (other than just expressing myself on the subject for my own fun writing about it) is best answered by “what do I want to read, but am not finding elsewhere” (and unless I’m missing a blog or two, there’s some excellent theorycrafting FAQs on Huntering but not much in the way of middle ground. “This is what we found”, newbie help (which is immensely helpful – I’m half the hunter I am today because of the bestest hunter blogger evar, BRK. <3) – but when I was just digging into Huntering some moar explanation would have been nice. Maybe I can help someone else. Wow, digression.

What I'd really wanted to do, though, today, now, was a bit of an open letter to people in random dungeons:
*Dear Death Knights: Please, don't drop Death and Decay in front of mobs before I pull; please wait for me to at least hit them with my shield, taunt, or judgment, and especially please let them get into my Consecration. I'd like a leadup on threat, please. On the up side, I figured out what to do with you – you're gonna waste your runes because I'm going to just move to the side and pull them so they don't run through it.

*Dear Death Knights again: please, use Death Grip tactically, rather than "I want to dps you, you're not here, I'm not going to walk to where you are WHEN I HAVE DEATH GRIP WHY WOULD I DO THAT"? Death Gripping a stray mob, a runner, or especially a caster my shield missed into melee range (especially into my consecration) is a good use of Death Grip. When I'm running to the mob and you're behind me and you pull them past me and to you, that is a poor use. When you are standing three feet behind me and pull it into the space between us, this just makes me go WHAT THE FUCK. Also, I'm trying to tank them, which means I need to move so everyone is more or less in front of me again. So I can, and so they don't hit my weak point for massive damage.

*Dear Warriors: Kind of like with DKs and death grip… If I'm moving to attack, and haven't thrown my shield, please don't charge. If you go zooming past me before I stop and tank you have probably opened up too early. I know that charge gives you rage, and that's fine, but hold off on a second, okay? Which reminds me – popping Bloodrage before I even start MOVING? That's not time efficient. That's not going to poke me to go – I'm going to go when the healer is ready and some of the DPS is. Jumping the gun is just annoying. If I were a bitch I'd let it wait out THEN pull. But i'm not there, I'm not like that – yet. And like Healers have healing instinct, I have tanky instinct. Maybe I want to let you die, but while petty – and kinda fun! – it's not practical. We might need your dps. I want to have you live, stop making it so hard, and stop trying to tank by charging early and opening up with sunders or even a devestate. PLEASE.

*Dear AoE: At heart, I am Hunter. I love you. But please for the love of god wait to show up until I have agro! We don't get along like this. I know you love me, and I love you, but when I'm not Huntering we're a bad mix unless there's a bit of an aggro buffer! Let me get my dance in with every tank's girlfriend, and then I'll dance with my bestest friend, mmkay? I mean, yeah, there's a reason I'm a Paladin tank, lolaoethreat, but we can't just hop to the first dance of the night right away together.

*Dear everyone: let me share with you a good rule of thumb. Does it have a cast bar? Does this cast bar go down because it casts heals? Or does it make big glowy zones of hurtypain that call to you like sirens to stand in theMNOBESTRONGMOVE … ahem … yes? Chances are these people, even if they don't have the big glowy skull that is WoW's bash-them-with-a bat signal, they die first. Please kill the casters. Plus, sometimes they have AoE! They're threatening our precious AoE DPS monopoly! ATTTAAAAACK!

*Dear mage: YOU DROPPED A TABLE I LOVE YOU HAVE MY BLESSING BABIES. Oh? You didn't? BAH HERE HAVE KINGS ANYWAY but I will be glaring at you while I nom my Crusty Flatbread instead of Delicious Mana Manna. (do dooo doo do, mana manna…).

*Dear other paladins in the group besides me and probably Temnyi who's healing me: we like to hash out who's covering what. Usually, Tem has Imp. Wis, and I don't have Imp Might yet, so I kings, and he does Blessing of Wis/Might/Otters. If you've got Improved Might or something, let us know. Or you can do kings and I'll do him a favor and put Sanc on everyone. Don't just start dropping blessings! I mean, most of the time, buffing everyone is appreciated, but just because we're not running / configuring PallyPower for lol5mans doesn't mean we don't coordinate. Buffs are srsbzns! Well, they're at least practice.

Dear everyone: Nexus isn't Karazhan, UK isn't Icecrown, but five mans is where good group behavior is practiced and becomes habits! It's not srsbzns, but it's at least nice to have a veneer of professionalism and proper group etiquette!

Dear Tank: Is Righteous Defense up? Is Blessing of Sanctuary up? Is Seal of Shiny Holy Acid up if it’s a boss? Yes, yes, yes? THEN Pull! No, but you pulled? AGH CAST QUICKLY THEN RESUME TANKING. There’s an addon to help you, self, and it’s called brain. Stop being Paladumb! … Dear self: what? You’re the tank, self. ACK.

Dear Tanking: When do you ever stop being an adventure? When do you stop being fun? With Divine Bwee on the horizon I don’t see this being anytime soon. Heck, even all these people and all their frustrations are just dust in the wind.

**One thing I want to talk about, later, is that, talking to some people (former guildies) I realized that a lot of it isn’t that WoW Is Too Easy (how’s that ToGC 25 coming? Herald of the Titans? Mmm?) isn’t that there’s no challenge, but rather it’s ‘Too Accessable’ – what I, unkindly, refer to as “elitist prickery”. It’s not “too easy” in that there’s no challenge, it’s too easy in that it’s not “all challenge” and that, god forbid, Blizzard put in an optional “easy mode” and/or that the rewards for harder modes aren’t more distinct. Yeah, (WARNING: PSYCHOLOGY) a lot of the bitching is either a) people who’re tired of WoW and thus taking an indistinct phenomenon that might not even be wholly articulate to them, and/or just generalizing that into “WoW Is Too Easy” because encounter nerfs and ‘accessibility’ make it an easy target, or b) people who can’t stand the thought of their being similar but easier content because it somehow (yes, my sarcasm means I understand but have no sympathy for this viewpoint) diminishes their own accomplishments. Grevlon (I gather) and a few of my former guildmates, I’m looking at you. Wow, digression again!

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News: Shiny Wings of Light have no substance

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… And therefore don’t let you fly!

*runs around through a bell shop flailing like a frantic and hopped up tree, ringringringringringringring*

So, uhm, I’ve kind of neglected this blog lately.

But I have my reasons! I promise!

Ding! 70!

Things I’ve learned about Paladins lately:
-I usually forget I even have a ret offspec; though it’s good to remember when targets are sparse enough that getting 4+ on me at once is difficult.
-Prot is viable for levelling and actually kinda fun when the mobs are melee or melee + 1 caster and can be rounded up. GROUPHUG OF THE RIGHTEOUS! Smitings for XP and JUSTICE! Mu wa ha ha!
-I’m either demented or the game gets radically different over the next ten levels, but TANKING IS FUN 😀
-Prot!Galgamesh is as cacklingly gung-ho and insane about leaping headfirst into danger as Math is about leaping… well … pet-first… into danger. IF ONLY THERE WERE A SKILL CALLED “PULL MOAR.” Or as I call it, “Holy Plurb” – basically a 30′ (OR MORE) cone (or sphere!) attack that only deals a small amount of holy damage and goes “Nyah nyah I poke you come thwack me!!”.
-It does make a considerable difference, having a healer with you upon whom you can thoroughly rely.

(a plurb is the sensation of a three-dimensional ripple in reality crossing through your space)

Stuff I’m Not Looking Forward To:
-Already lost 1k so Gal can even just fly in Outland; going to lose 5k more soon for Epic Flight.
-Tanking wHoRe … I’m sorry, Halls of Reflection.
-THE GUILD MESSAGE OF TODAY. AAAGH. Thank god I can’t draw, I’d be compelled to draw it.

Stuff I am excited for:
-Most Northrend heroics from a tank perspective!
-Instant Queues! MU WA HA HA.
-Becoming excellent at something else other than just dps.
-I really want to try Raid tanking. Especially, for inexplicable reasons, Council of Iron.

A final thought:
This hit me the other night – Protection Paladins are, basically, masochists. Especially before they get Divine Plea at Level 71. They work best and are on top of their game when they’ve got a lot of people all beating on them. One v. one, not taking much damage because HAY YOU’RE PROT HAVE SOME MIT AND MOAR AVOIDANCE, we are running OOM and sad. But give us a mob of things battering our defenses and smacking us around and we’re all BWEE I TANK YOU ALL.

Either that or, like I said, I am demented.

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Tanking is fun!

I realized part of why. At heart, I am a hunter. Hunters are inherently … oh, how shall we say? … high-threat creatures. But but but in Panzerdin mode I AM REWARDED FOR THREAT. SPAM EVERYTHING FULL BORE AHEAD CAP’N.

I enjoy this. 😀

My tanking is getting better, but of course it helps to have a talented and guilded healer at your back. I may launch myself into some pure randoms though just to see how I can do with Random Heals. That seems to be the real test. I love instant queues almost as much as I haet the dumb and impatient I sometimes get – except I totally had a DK today who, when asked nicely, deathgripped stray healers into the middle of the beatdown. I mean, the fun. Feeling lonely, mr. Fel Orc Caster? That’s okay! HAMMER OF THE RIGHTEOUS is here to GIVE YOU A HUG.

Been tanking Ramps a few times and handling the extra stray packs that sometimes jump in randomly because they feel sad and left out, and would rather feel glowy and hole-y.

I like this. After trying and faceplanting against Marrowgar 25 all raidnight, tanking is oddly relaxing. Everyone tells me it gets worse when I get to 80, but I guess I’ll see. I have good people I can ask for advice.

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Well, that was … an experience.

January 23, 2010 at 10:42 am (althattery) (, , , , , , , )

I am no longer pure DPS*. It figures, just yesterday, I was talking about talking about tanks vs. DPS, from a pure-DPS perspective, and now here I am a day later, having tanked**. Yes, if you go “wtf Math” you’re not the only one.
…It was also dealing with Looking For Dungeon people. Yes, if you go “oh, joy“, you’re not the only one.

So, it starts innocuously enough. My buddy Temnyi (no. I don’t know how to pronounce it, either) started playing WoW again; and I got him to roll on Azgalor. Wham, a two weeks later, he’s 49. Been levelling my Paladin, and she’s 53, so we decide to run the last chunk of Maraudon. Almost immediately I’m all but ripping off the bear, but he says my damage is easy to heal through. While this is going on, we’re talking in whispers, and I joke that I should ret tank the place. I ALMOST tossed on Righteous Wrath and was gonna rip everything to see how it went (Which happened anyway when we went balls out on the last boss) – but it felt like it’d’ve been rude to the bear, so I tried to watch my threat.

You know what my #1 thought on Ret Paladins in instances is? I. REALLY. Miss. Feign. Death.

Afterwards, I asked if he thought he could keep me alive ret tanking. Getting an affirmative, we queued for Sunken Temple, and I slapped on the higher-def, higher-stam helm that I got off a Mara boss. This … would be fun.

And you know? It was, and it wasn’t. I got a lot of what you’d expect from the LFD queue.

Plus, it was Sunken Temple. I’ve been here before ONCE. Eighteen months ago. Fuck, I could have sired two children and taught them to yell “ATTAAAAAACK” over vent in the time that’s past since I last set FOOT in The Temple Of Atal’Hakar. And it’s kind of a maze with some thing that needs to be done in VERY SPECIFIC ORDER.

We had one dps who knew the place, and Temnynol knew the place. They argued sometimes on which way to go like quibbling cats, but we got everything done.
That was the mage, and he was constantly riding me, the newbie tank, to go go go go go.
We had the warrior who would charge mobs, and me imagining him calling RAAAGH I ARE ARMS TANK.
We also had a dps randomly leave early on without a word, and then a replacement shaman. We spent about five, ten minutes trying to meet up because VANILLA DEVS LOEV MAZE, and then get back on the road.
Temnynol is fun, though, and a fine healer. 🙂

In fact, the warrior was pulling the minibosses. Or even packs of mobs. By charge. After running ahead of me (yes, I have Pursuit of Justice, but I was also being tentative). I wanted to let him die, I poked Tem that we should have let him die, but he said it would reflect badly on him and his professionalism, and y’know? I can understand and get behind that. I would have let him die, though. I’ll have to set some rules when I keep tanking.

After the lower half, Temn DCs, and we argue. Being my friend and guildie, I want to wait to see if he comes back, the rest of the group wants to gogogogo, eventually he gets kicked and we get a new healer. The three “dps” keep pushing ahead with no healer, I’m waiting on a healer. I have some cross words with the mage for rushing me, but I over-reacted – newbishness at work! – we hash it out, I apologize, we smooth things over.

We get a healer, we go through the MAZE AND DANCE of meeting up, and it turns out this healer … charges in faster than the warrior to attack mobs. Because they’re enhance. Queued as heals. Erhm. Yeah. Well, that was an experience! At least I didn’t die, and it was pretty quick – we were, after all, ALL FIVE OF US DPS SPEC.

After a lot of AoE pulls and mayhem we clear the upper level, I almost ding to 54, fun times are had, and I have tanked for the first time. It was certainly an experience. I think I need to look into some Tank UI mods, though; things like to know when someone else has agro, etc etc. Anyone who has newb tank UI and play advice, I would welcome it OH so very much. 🙂

Here’s to the adventure of tanking! Let’s hope I don’t get too many splats, and can even be half the tank I am a dps; I’d be happier with 95%, but even 50% would be good.

*Well … There’s Beardy. My first character ever was a warrior, in vanilla WoW. When they really were only tanks. He got to 22. I did not care for it. Though I love Beardy <3. I dunno if that counts or not, though.

**…Well, does ret tanking really count as tanking?

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Magic gremlins. The only explanation.

January 21, 2010 at 7:47 pm (althattery) (, , , , , )

Or the blogging wouldn’t continue. I guess I got kinda neglectful with my laptop dying and coming back to life. But I’m getting back into WoW, and now back over here.

So why are magic gremlins the explanation? Because after all the trouble I went with my dead computer, poking, prodding to no success, then popping out the hard drive and backing it up, I take it in to the Best Buy, the tech plugs it in, pokes the button, and it boots up.

… que.

Shuts it down, does it again. Takes it back, checks the battery, checks the RAM connections, dusts it out, and just hands it back. Apparently it’s some sort of battery problem from it dying or getting plugged in near the time it went into sleep mode, or something. Agh. But okay. Get it home, get everything restored, keep it plugged in while waiting for my replacement battery. New problems crop up, but what do you know, a bit of hassle and several reboots later, it’s working again.

… For now.

*eyes it warily* Magic curse goblins. Or witches. o.o

But WoW runs! So I’m back! My Shaman finally got his trinket, and somehow my alt has Frost gear before my Hunter, who’s -actually been inside Icecream Citadel-. This is is unacceptable, yet true. And I’ve started levelling the Paladin. 4.75 levels in two nights of a bit of levelling and reacquainting and messing with cast bars isn’t bad, just have to find a stride. And that stride is called THE PLAGUELANDS. I swear, Pallies were MEANT to level in this place. Nothing like running around in BoA gear with explosions of holy light going GWE HEE HEE and crumpling eight or ten at-level zombies and skellies all at once. Mr. Scourge, I am YOUR Scourge!

…Speaking of Paladins, a word to all my Hunta Brothas and Sistas: if you’re going to try and gank a paladin at equal level, don’t try when they’re at full hp and mana, haven’t seemed to pop any cooldowns, and know you’re there. Seriously. Or, you know, at least be good. Mr. Orc Hunter in Un’goro, I commend your balls and am sorry I had to hand them to you, but if you want to gank me with a hunter, try harder. I even gave you a chance. Next time I’ll Repentance you, kill your wolf in front of your stunned eyes, and then dismantle you at my leisure. Mmkay? You want to gank me with my class, you’re welcome to try.

Ha, this is fun. Plus, it seems next week is ICC25. This makes me and the hunter go bwee. Not sure how much the Hunter and Shaman will see play beyond the JC daily and getting them up to Crusader (AGAIN) for the Hunter and just a RED MECHANOSTRIDER (seriously, this is <4) for the Shaman right now. Too much fun in the plaguelands giggling with gleeful wrath as undead fall down go boom.

It is fun to be back and writing, and I'll get to something resembling a thoughtful and meaningful post, well … eventually. 🙂

But just watch. The last time or two I was in Plaguelands, it was coming in from / going out to The Undercity via the Bulwark. Bets on my Paladin getting killed at least once on autopilot? I … won't bet against you.

eta: Oh, Myssidia over at A Casual Encounter reminded me: sometimes, the most fun stuff isn’t the most challenging. Sometimes when you can’t down Marrowgar, it’s not doing Trial of the Grand Crusader, Firefighter, Sarth 28, or Yogg 0. It’s utterly owning regular ol’ Trial 10. It’s two tanks on Beasts and then one tank, two healers, and seven dps for the rest of the night (eight dps on Champs) – it’s figuring out the trick to mad un-Empowered dps on Twin Valkyrs (namely: light buff means the light one takes less damage, but she still TAKES DAMAGE, and with a shared health pool, abilities that hit both, like Multi Shot or that Rogue thing to hit both adjacent mobs or Magma Totem / Fire Nova, does significantly more damage, why did it take me so long to realize? Likely ’cause until now usually there’s two tanks and they’re not right on top of each other) and getting the speed kill with ~:45 seconds to spare. It’s one-shotting Champs 10 with, what, one death? It’s … and I still get this huge, ridiculous, almost manic grin from this – it’s burning Anub’arak so hard and so fast – with one tank, mind! – that he goes into Phase 3 before he even gets a chance to submerge once.

This, Anub’arak, is your Couch. This smoldering, ashen, kersplattered wreckage, is your Couch on BoO. Any questions?

Yeah. I thought not. Now, surrender your loot.

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“This Is My Hunter, This Is Her Gun~

January 12, 2010 at 8:25 am (althattery) (, , , , , )

~ This toon is for raiding, the alts are for fun!”

Well, not really. The hunter still gets a lot of playtime besides raiding and doing a daily random for delicious and precious frost emblems of <3. Eventually (s)he'll have Loremaster. It has a great ring to it. But, love for huntering and achievement whoring on my main, I do have a raging case of alt-itis. And so people know who's who, I figured I'd introduce all of them.

Well, I have ~40 characters on ~10 different servers, but these are the ones I still play, that you can actually catch me on if you want to internet-stalk me. All toons, now, are on Azgalor, except otherwise noted.

Mathorvos: My main, my favorite, and barring massive and disturbing changes, he always will be. A couple of the characters on here are ones I’ve played before, gotten as far as 47 on two of them, but nothing clicks with me like hunters click with me. I’ve put a lot of time logged playing him, I’ve put a lot of energy into being a competent and capable hunter (… most of the time), and I have an awesome goddamn cat. That eats faces. Math is the Hunter and thus I am the Huntard.

Farimu: is actually two characters. The first was my second character ever (well on my own account, I had one or two on a friend’s account, the night I stayed up until 6 am playing WoW, and fell in love with the game for the first time), over on Detheroc. Troll Shaman, made it to 32 before I stopped double-timing on two servers and stuck to Azgalor for a while. Then I remade him as a Troll on Winterhoof a few months ago, he became my second 80, and then after putting so much effort into him, I brought him with Math the day after. A lot of my time recently has been gearing and l2p his Enhancement set, and at least gearing his Resto set. HOLY CRAP MELEE IS DIFFERENT. Despite also being a female dreanei (because you have to be a spacegoat to be a shaman, and their men look funny!).

Beardy: Dwarf Warrior. My first character. Ever. He’s still in his original guild on Azgalor ( I ❤ you, Green Mountain Militia, even if most of my toons are in Brotherhood of Oblivion D: ), even! Eventually I want to get him to 80, and be Fury just so he can dual wield Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds and Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood in full Imperial Plate, except for the Embrace of the Lycan. And then still be my Bank Toon, which he is right now, in a pimpin' tux, pimp hat, and diamond-tipped cane.

Belzenef: 72 Orc Death Knight if Vek’nilash. One of these days, I’ll level him to 80. One of these days I’ll move him to Azgalor, but having just expatriated two toons from Winterhoof, I’ll wait a few months before paying to switch and transfer -another- one. Besides, none of the Alliance races rock me as Death Knights the way the Orcs and the Trolls do. He’ll, I guess, be a Dwarf. All things considered I could just make a NEW Death Knight there, but I spent 4k, and a lot of time, getting his JC to 450 (he still has ~70 unspent tokens, ffs!) and his Enchanting to Northrend Levels. I like this guy a lot. Plus, he has a White Kitten, and I’ll tell ya there’s something fucking cute about this deathly imposing Orc sitting down and playing with his tiny kitteh.

Mirrari: 47 Spacegoat Mage. My third or fourth character. Warrior, Shaman, Warlock, Paladin – huh, fifth. It was with her that I first really clicked, “hey, I love dpsing shit!” I make the big numbers that make things melt, burn, and then fall down and distribute loot. Dreanei, ’cause I made her near the start of TBC to check out the new starting zones and they were the new hotness. And I have a bit of a confession to make: I like the blue spacegoat women. I’ve got Eredar Fever and the only prescription is moar cowbell. Every time I see “WTB Port from X to Y, will pay 10g”, I think, “man, I wish I had a mage I could just LOG OVER TO.” If I didn’t want to have a tank (lol, instant queue time AND the ability to help guildies who need it) so much, she’d be my next 80. As it is, she’ll be my fourth. She picks flowers, and will probably pick up Inscription. She’s being levelled fire, even though Ice is by far “teh best !!1oneeleventy!” levelling spec for mages, FIRE IS FUN. “Charge at me, and all that will touch me is your ashes!”

Mir also has The. Best. Macro. Ever.

/cast Counterspell

Galgamesh: 47 Human Paladin – levelling Lolret, but will probably be Prot/Holy by 80. This way, if we need a tank or a healer, I’ll have a newb-friendly tank and both a raid healer (Fari) and a tank healer (Gal). Her name (’cause male humans look ridiculous with their Massive Steroid Forearms OF DOOM) is a bit silly. Originally it was to be Arturia, ’cause at the time I was on a big Fate / Stay Night kick and I wanted to make a female Pally with the name. The name was taken, so I thought, “Gilgamesh was pretty cool, too – plus it’s a spiffy name”. But Gil was taken. So I think, ‘hrm. Gal, sounds like Gil, and references that she’s gender-switched, sort of, same as Arturia vs. Arthur’ – and what do you know, it was un-taken! She picks flowers and mines, but since Math and Malth mine, she might stop smacking the earth in the face with a pick and pick up Alchemy. Because what’s better than a Paladin? One whose drunk and stoned off her own potions.

Malthorvos: Gnome Warlock! Because I gotta have a gnome, eh? It’s kinda funny. If his expression was less irrepressably cheerful, and Gnome Hair allowed for Cornrows ( … … … no. ), he’d kind of look a lot like Sten, from Dragon Age. In a dress. There’s not much to him, right now. He’s my little baby!Warlock. More will develop as he develops and levels up past 12. I’m not sure what I think of him right now, or why I’m playing him instead of Gal or Mir, since I already know both will beat him to 80.

?????: I really, really want to make a Dwarf Priest, and level him primarily through PvP and instances, as a healer (Disc, eventually dual-speccing … … into Holy). Besides, I still really really really want to get onto the little bubble under A’dal in Shattrath, fly up on a mount until I hit the ceiling, and then cancel that. Fall and no one would really see until suddenly OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE this screaming Dwarf goes AAAAH SPLAT and then BWONG Spirit of Redemption up this mother! Yes. I would level a priest just for this, and for LEVITATE EVERYWHERE. He just needs a name. I have a name I tend to use for priests (I’ve had and discarded two), but it’s a Shadow name, and not really suited for a Dwarf. As soon as I figure out what to name him, though, he’s so getting rolled. And then once he’s made and Cata comes out and Belzenef is moved to Az I’ll have one of every class on my server AND MAYBE THEN THE ALTITIS CAN REST.

… haha, who am I kidding? They’ll all need to be eighty! … five.

I also have names reserved for two Worgen:
Mathfurvos: Worgen Druid. Kittybear. Though Boomkin looks fun. And so does being a Treealer. Aaaagh so many choices because DRUIDS CAN DO IT ALL. I’ve been wanting for ages to roll a Druid, I just didn’t want to be a tauren and really didn’t want to be a Night Elf. CATA FIXES THESE ‘PROBLEMS’. Yay!

Awarewolf: Worgen Rogue. “A werewolf!” “I dunno, it looks pretty oblivious to me.” Well. It was that, or “Wherewolf”, but WHEREWOLF WAS TAKEN ALREADY. /cry.

And then there’s the Final Three, the unloved & the wretched (oh who am I kidding? They’ll all get maybe 1 or 2 levels in their life but I still love them all):
*****: Level 1 Dwarf Hunter on Winterhoof, he exists now only to talk to a couple people I know Alliance-side there. Which is why when Cataclysm comes out, I’m gonna delete him (ha!) and make a Goblin. The name is hidden because I actually don’t wanna be stalked, a bit, maybe.

*****: Level 58 Troll Death Knight – actually, this one doesn’t exist yet, but I’ll roll him in the near-ish future to keep in touch with a few people on Winterhoof.

Cowpitalist: Level 2 Tauren Warrior in a Pimp Suit – Actually you’ll almost never see me play this guy, he was my bank toon on Winterhoof. He’s just so rock in his getup that he needs to be noted, too.

After a while of playing them, a few of them start to take on a life of their own. I don’t roleplay on WoW, but I roleplay off, and then I write, and so in my mind, they start to become characters. And having this many alts just makes it worse. Or better. I’m not sure which. More present, certainly. Math takes insane risks, and walks out smelling like roses and mending his turtle or his kitteh because he’s a hunter and they do that. He also likes finding really tall, high-up things to climb up, look around, and then dive off of. Usually they’re into water, thankfully. Farimu is a bit neutral, actually. Belzenef Loev Kittehn. Mirrari liek fire, and I get more pyromanical on her. It’s not so much they develop personalities or characteristics, so much as I develop certain quirks of playing WoW that really only show up when I’m playing THAT character.

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