GMotD: Warning: stray comments that could be misinterperted may be SS’d and blogged

January 10, 2010 at 8:06 pm (zomfglol) (, , )

And I’m sure this is EXACTLY what our win-ful GM Amber had in mind when she set the message… To set the scene, I mention FH in guild, and we start talking about how so many of us in BoO HAVE blogs. To be funny, one of the officers on reposts the GMotD in guildchat. We’re still kinda talking about that, and how “Math, you can’t, one more blogger in BoO might cause Warcraft to explode”, when … well … THIS happens:

Good god I was laughing so hard it hurt.

(Sorry, Evis, you KNEW it was gonna be posted somewhere, and Amber hasn't yet!)


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