A quickie flowchart.

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A simple flowchart, but it’s a simple concept for gemming a survival hunter.

Your meta is the Relentless Earthsiege Diamond.

You use one Nightmare Tear to activate your meta (lovely!) and in the process, use its nature as a prismatic gem to activate the non-red part of your best socket bonus (+6 or higher agility, +12 ap, +X crit) (however, ignore it if it’s a three-gem requirement and two of them are non-red).

Everything else is straight +agility.

As such, should you ever want to know, as a survival hunter, how to gem your gear, you can refer to

DUN DUN DUN! *drumrollplz?*

Mathorvos' Awesome Survival Gear Gemming Flowchart!

Fair winds and good hunts, my friends. May your shots fly true.


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Flowchart Powers Go!

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I was going to write a whole guide on Huntering. Gearing. Gemming. Rotationing. Well, okay, it kinda falls apart at that point, but still!

I made this flow chart of the typical Survival rotation, and while I was going to post it with the rest of the Hunter stuff in one LOLMASSIVE post, I’m just so excited over it that this needs to be posted NOW.

And so! I give you …

Mathorvos' Awesome Survival Flowchart!

As a side note: “Feign” is a word that looks weird when you just look at it. I think it’s up to something, but maybe that’s just a ruse.
Also, thanks or curses (thanks!) should be directed to Amber, who showed me Teh Power Of Teh Flowchartz.

… eta: oh god how did this get here I am not good with computers … okay, how do I make it a text link OR a thumbnail, ’cause OMG HUEG IMAGE … it crits just like wall of text!

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