Well, that was … an experience.

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I am no longer pure DPS*. It figures, just yesterday, I was talking about talking about tanks vs. DPS, from a pure-DPS perspective, and now here I am a day later, having tanked**. Yes, if you go “wtf Math” you’re not the only one.
…It was also dealing with Looking For Dungeon people. Yes, if you go “oh, joy“, you’re not the only one.

So, it starts innocuously enough. My buddy Temnyi (no. I don’t know how to pronounce it, either) started playing WoW again; and I got him to roll on Azgalor. Wham, a two weeks later, he’s 49. Been levelling my Paladin, and she’s 53, so we decide to run the last chunk of Maraudon. Almost immediately I’m all but ripping off the bear, but he says my damage is easy to heal through. While this is going on, we’re talking in whispers, and I joke that I should ret tank the place. I ALMOST tossed on Righteous Wrath and was gonna rip everything to see how it went (Which happened anyway when we went balls out on the last boss) – but it felt like it’d’ve been rude to the bear, so I tried to watch my threat.

You know what my #1 thought on Ret Paladins in instances is? I. REALLY. Miss. Feign. Death.

Afterwards, I asked if he thought he could keep me alive ret tanking. Getting an affirmative, we queued for Sunken Temple, and I slapped on the higher-def, higher-stam helm that I got off a Mara boss. This … would be fun.

And you know? It was, and it wasn’t. I got a lot of what you’d expect from the LFD queue.

Plus, it was Sunken Temple. I’ve been here before ONCE. Eighteen months ago. Fuck, I could have sired two children and taught them to yell “ATTAAAAAACK” over vent in the time that’s past since I last set FOOT in The Temple Of Atal’Hakar. And it’s kind of a maze with some thing that needs to be done in VERY SPECIFIC ORDER.

We had one dps who knew the place, and Temnynol knew the place. They argued sometimes on which way to go like quibbling cats, but we got everything done.
That was the mage, and he was constantly riding me, the newbie tank, to go go go go go.
We had the warrior who would charge mobs, and me imagining him calling RAAAGH I ARE ARMS TANK.
We also had a dps randomly leave early on without a word, and then a replacement shaman. We spent about five, ten minutes trying to meet up because VANILLA DEVS LOEV MAZE, and then get back on the road.
Temnynol is fun, though, and a fine healer. 🙂

In fact, the warrior was pulling the minibosses. Or even packs of mobs. By charge. After running ahead of me (yes, I have Pursuit of Justice, but I was also being tentative). I wanted to let him die, I poked Tem that we should have let him die, but he said it would reflect badly on him and his professionalism, and y’know? I can understand and get behind that. I would have let him die, though. I’ll have to set some rules when I keep tanking.

After the lower half, Temn DCs, and we argue. Being my friend and guildie, I want to wait to see if he comes back, the rest of the group wants to gogogogo, eventually he gets kicked and we get a new healer. The three “dps” keep pushing ahead with no healer, I’m waiting on a healer. I have some cross words with the mage for rushing me, but I over-reacted – newbishness at work! – we hash it out, I apologize, we smooth things over.

We get a healer, we go through the MAZE AND DANCE of meeting up, and it turns out this healer … charges in faster than the warrior to attack mobs. Because they’re enhance. Queued as heals. Erhm. Yeah. Well, that was an experience! At least I didn’t die, and it was pretty quick – we were, after all, ALL FIVE OF US DPS SPEC.

After a lot of AoE pulls and mayhem we clear the upper level, I almost ding to 54, fun times are had, and I have tanked for the first time. It was certainly an experience. I think I need to look into some Tank UI mods, though; things like to know when someone else has agro, etc etc. Anyone who has newb tank UI and play advice, I would welcome it OH so very much. 🙂

Here’s to the adventure of tanking! Let’s hope I don’t get too many splats, and can even be half the tank I am a dps; I’d be happier with 95%, but even 50% would be good.

*Well … There’s Beardy. My first character ever was a warrior, in vanilla WoW. When they really were only tanks. He got to 22. I did not care for it. Though I love Beardy <3. I dunno if that counts or not, though.

**…Well, does ret tanking really count as tanking?


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What Is This I Can’t Even Funny Title

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In general, I’ve had good luck with random dungeons. Had some scrubs, some assholes, some tanks who quit within five seconds (often on UP for some odd reason), some runs rush quick, some do random things that made no sense and started fights that surprisingly didn’t get me kicked despite me actually being kind of an ass* … but in general it’s been positive. Math has her title, Fari has her little pet, both are close to buying the first thing they really want with Frost emblems …

… But today set an all-time low.

Utgarde Pinnacle. Been running it every day on Fari to try and get the Whetstone, ’cause she’s still got damn green trinkets. That, her neckpiece, and her belt are the only items currently under 213. She’s getting close to raid geared for ToC 25 / maybe poking toes into ICC Pugs?

Let’s start off on a high note. Somehow, when the notice comes up, “click okay for dungeon”, despite there being so much dps we need to wait for 1000% longer than tanks or healers (hm, 6 seconds vs. 10 minutes, yeah, that’s about right!), when we only get four checks and a red x, it’s ALWAYS another dps who’s the red x. What? How does that even happen? Get another one to come up, get inside, and then, fuck, the tank just up and leaves. Healer does so, too. What? Fuck you, Tank. It’s UP. What the hell.

Get a new tank. Get a new healer. The first two bosses and all the trash before are pretty smooth, even though we’ve got an Arms Warrior in decent gear, and a Beast Mastery hunter in confusing gear and with a really sloppy spec, neither of who’s more than a hair over 1k DPS, it’s a Panzerbear and me, so we’re killing stuff quick enough even though Shamans TOTALLY don’t have mana problems in 5 Mans WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT and I’m running Water Shield and OoM on most non-boss fights. Auto Attack ftw? I guess.

And then comes the gauntlet. Scrub hunter dies before the boss is even down. O…kay? Warrior is shit on harpoons, we probably had to fire nine, to hit him with five, to bring him down. If you click at the right time, the harpoons are 100% Hit! My fault, I guess, for not speaking up- I was trying to grab them, but she beat me to it most of the time. I think three of the ones that hit were my three. Boss hits, tank picks him up, Warrior dies.

ARGH. But, okay. I’m ~5k on this guy when he’s not whirlwinding, Bear does okay dps, we can DO THIS.

And then suddenly the healer is failangel. Uhm? I eat a whirlwind because with the healer dead I couldn’t even take one hit trying to get out. Okay, he gets off, I pop Reincarnate. Can we kill him before fail angel wears off?

… Ha ha ha no. Can I off-heal the bear? While near oom? And skewered on a poison spear? Ha ha ha no.

Okay, dumb wipe. Hunter, and maybe warrior, are scubmotrons. Healer? Doesn’t want to do it again. Quits. Okay, it’s crap, but I can understand.
Tank? Quits without a word. What? Fuck you, too, bear. If you were here we’d have a new healer in 10 seconds, and we’d be done before you deserter debuff clears and you requeue.
Hunter? Pulls the gauntlet again, without tank or healer. Dies. Leaves. The world does not mourn this loss.
Warrior? Leaves.

And I learn a new lesson! I go “eh, didn’t need any of ’em, let’s queue for more” – because, damnit, I want my Whetstone!

… And because I’m the only one, even though I’m party leader, I can’t, apparently, look for replacements. But I’m still saved to UP. Which means I won’t be completing it today.


On the whole it’s not been to bad and it’s why my Shaman is geared senseless and has a pretty good Resto offset. But stuff like tonight – well they can’t be all winners. This is what I get for running heroics at midnight and solo instead of grabbing at least one guildie for it.

*It was Nexus on my Shaman. I’m a newb Shaman a bunch of the time and forget about cleansing or tremor unless I’m told; though I’m getting better. I forgot about the fear on the Frozen Orc, and they were yelling at me for not dropping tremor. I retorted that if they’d done the fight right, and pulled him back, you don’t get run into the more adds and almost cause a wipe, like what happened, and so it should have been a non issue. That was the same instance with the fail druid that, were I Resto, I would’ve let die – turning into cat form and dashing ahead of the healer to jump into the next pack, sometimes running through IT to grab the one after? Yeah, die, thank you, check before doing something that dumb. I would have dropped stoneclaw then earthbind and been running for the door.

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