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December 31, 2009 at 6:32 am (Random) (, , )

Hm, so this is WordPress.

I guess I’m here to post some stuff about my class, my thoughts on WoW, and WoW-related stuff. Mostly I wanted to start keeping track of this stuff. You leave a guild and suddenly you wish you’d written a lot more down.

… And kept the compromising photos of hilarious and obscene stuff in Officer chat.

Oh well, live and learn.

I’m Chris, though by now I’ve answered to it so often in-game and over vent that if you if you called out my character’s name – that’s Mathorvos, or even just ‘Math’ -I’d answer to it. This is my blog. Probably, if you’re here, you know me, and knew that.

The blog’s named for my main hunter pet, sorta – I ❤ cats, offline and in WoW, and it seems the next time I get a cat, rather than be named Tesla (because, deep down, all cats are really awesome mad geniuses… “just” fluffy balls of aloof doom is a clever ruse), will be named for my invisible, face-and-meter-eating Spiffy. Yes, technically, strictly, wolves blow cats out of the water when it comes to dps, but I put down enough I’d only summon Agincourt the wolf for hard modes.

Well, let’s get to cracking on some content, eh?


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