Adjustment? Adjustment!

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On the up side: I mostly no longer walk into Sunreaver’s Sanctuary, and I’ve actually avoided entirely going to Horde camps or trying to click on Horde flight points and thus getting horribly mauled by some wind riders. By the way, Paladin hit 60 last night and got her a griffin, and they’re much cooler than wind riders!


On the down side: So far the hardest thing to adjust to is learning what goes where in the world. It seems to me like the world, in terms of quest hubs, cities, and city/town connections, is a lot less optimal than for the Alliance when compared to Horde, especially in eastern kingdoms. A Theramore / Auberdine boat would solve a lot of it, though.

The worst of it, though, speaking of Theramore. I was in Menethil, waiting for the boat to Theramore, when someone else on the dock whispers me that they forgot how to get into Darkshore. So I think for a moment and reply that the quickest way to get to Dustwallow is you go from Menethil to Stormwind, then down to Booty Bay and hop the boat to Ratchet, and run down The Barrens. As I finish saying it hits me – we’re WAITING for the BOAT TO THERAMORE, which, derp, is in DUSTWALLOW. I quickly fix – AS THE BOAT ARRIVES and apologize.

Of the things I miss from Winterhoof, among them is Quin’loki, my friend and the best damn priest (sorry, Amber!) I’ve ever had the bwee of running with, who also had the uncanny ability to generally find the quickest travel route between two nodes, thus earning her the nickname (from me) of Map’loki. WTB Alliance version?

On the “…” side, it’s still a trip seeing myself as a Drenny … Drenai … Drain-I. Chupathingie. Spacegoat. And a female! In fact all three toons I’m leveling right now are women; two spacegoats and a human. I’m sorry, I don’t like being INFINITE COMIC BARREL CHEST, itty bitty walking legs, or STEROID FOREARMS OF DEWM. I do roll Dwarf, Gnome, and Worgen male. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just weird to see. Farimu more than Math, actually (I miss the tusks), because once I found out the Pygmy Oil // Orb of the Sin’dorei / Orb of Deception / Savory Deviate Delight trick, I would play around with it (ah, hah @ trap!Math ).

But now that the Paladin is in Outland, we shall see, if she runs into Thrallmar. Or Falcon Watch. Or any of the other Horde-only towns. Garandar is calling to come sit at the bonfire…

On the “hey this is fun” side: I’ve now ret-tanked ST, prot-tanked Dire Maul East with a fairly good group after the Doucheknight left, and had a pretty abortive LBRS group. Seriously, WoW? LBRS? For a random group, when a bunch of us haven’t even ever been there? Well – I was there three times. When achievements first came out, so like a year and a half ago – achievement run. Then I found out about the pets. Then I found out about the UBRS key. I barely found my way through the maze then! I did alright, I think, even when someone pulled two additional groups – we killed the first boss, despite someone pressing me to “GO” if I took even ten seconds to type something in guild chat or sit to drink water – needs more Avoidance, for more Mana! Oooor, wtb Divine Plea, please? … and then the same impatient “oh I’m so leet” Paladin falls down a pit and pulls about 20 trolls. Yeah, we put up a valiant fight but even my kickass Pally healer (Temnyi of Conjured Food For Thought) can’t keep me alive through the whole thing, partially because I can’t pick them up fast enough, and we all die.

Which means we now need to find our way through Searing Gorge and back to Blackrock Spire, and then into UBRS. Someone leaves without a word. Paladin disconnects, and despite having jumped ship, I tell ya, it felt satisfying to kick him and ignore him. The last DPS leaves, and we decide – hey, I came here at 58, Tem hit 58 mid-instance, and it’d be much better to go to Outland.

A final thought: Ret Paladins are kind of like Enhancement Paladins – they’re boring as hell for ~40-50 levels, then they start getting a lot of fun. For Shamans, it’s Dual Wield and Stormstrike. For Paladins, its Crusader Strike (or Divine Storm), so you’re not spending half the time just auto-attacking. Paladin’s now become pretty fun, especially when I can pull mobs of undead or demons (VITALLY IMPORTANT: when they don’t have gobs of CC like knockdown and freeze. I’ve learned this the hard way – after a couple times x.x) – like in Plaguelands and Hellfire. 😀


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Aww, I missed the leading edge of the tank/healer brouhaha.

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Oh well!

So aparently, while I was slacking off, a small little WoWgument broke out over some guy’s post with his assertions that tanks and healers a) are more integral to progress than dps, and b) thus deserve preferential treatment and additional rewards. I heard it via reading Ky’s reply, over at Casual Hardcore.

Now, ‘unfortunately’, this hit the blogorum over two weeks ago, and even Ky’s post was three and change days ago, so plenty of posts in reply and comments have hashed and bashed this, and I missed out. I am currently a sad little spacegoat with a pout because I didn’t get to be all topical on this topic. Though it is kind of amusing, as over the past couple days, both ignorant of this, Atropus and I have been kicking the idea around. He contends that DPS is the most important role in a current-content raid, though I maintain that they’re all equally important. If any of these three components functioning are functioning below par, the group will fail.

Rule 4) Pay attention. If you die in a fight because you weren’t paying attention or weren’t listening, you will be called out for it. It is not a healer’s job to keep a dps alive if that dps is just being foolish. It is not a tank’s job to keep threat off a dps if they aren’t bothering to use their own threat control measures.

I’ve been in that guild. I’ve been in a guild that really did bring in the loot council to override dkp by saying that if a tank or healer wanted something in new content, dps couldn’t bid. I’ve been in a guild that wiped repeatedly on Thaddius, but still, priority went to tanks and healers even though we were dying on enrages. All of this gets my middle finger.

Basically, everything that I have to say has already been said, I just wanted to express my own D: over this whole thing. Though it amuses me – it seems only some tanks and some healers agree with the thesis, while no dps seems to; meanwhile all dps BUT ALSO AND many tanks AND many healers disagree with it.

In fact, outside of the one time I tried Trial of the Grand Crusader, the vast majority of wipes I’ve seen in Ulduar, in Trial of the Crusader, and even in Icecrown Citadel, haven’t been from the gear of anyone, especially not healers and tanks. Wipes are generally because we tried to do it wrong (21 man Marrowgar, use two tanks on Patchwerk 25, etc), someone made a mistake (standing in something glowing on the floor, crossing the streams, etc), or because dps didn’t put out enough numbers. While there’s a huge component of competency to putting out maximal dps, only one of these problems, with them taken as current content, is gear related. Hint: it’s not one dealing with healers or with tanks. Iron Council stands out as an exception, but that’s Iron Council.

In Summary: I appreciate my tanks. I appreciate my healers. I don’t appreciate the attitudes some of them get, or trying to write me and my fellow great dps – or even just my dps brethren in general – as less vital to the raid effort, and I certainly don’t appreciate the condescension. Frankly, if any of us want prog, we all need each other. So…

Tread light… lest we unionize. o/

(Incidentally, this is my first post with the “beware: opinions!” tag, but as time goes on I’ll probably post quite a few more of them, especially as Cataclysm draws near. I can be a bit vocal and outspoken at times; but if people disagree with me – my email is public (or it should be), and I will approve any comment posts – speak up! I welcome it.)

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“This Is My Hunter, This Is Her Gun~

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~ This toon is for raiding, the alts are for fun!”

Well, not really. The hunter still gets a lot of playtime besides raiding and doing a daily random for delicious and precious frost emblems of <3. Eventually (s)he'll have Loremaster. It has a great ring to it. But, love for huntering and achievement whoring on my main, I do have a raging case of alt-itis. And so people know who's who, I figured I'd introduce all of them.

Well, I have ~40 characters on ~10 different servers, but these are the ones I still play, that you can actually catch me on if you want to internet-stalk me. All toons, now, are on Azgalor, except otherwise noted.

Mathorvos: My main, my favorite, and barring massive and disturbing changes, he always will be. A couple of the characters on here are ones I’ve played before, gotten as far as 47 on two of them, but nothing clicks with me like hunters click with me. I’ve put a lot of time logged playing him, I’ve put a lot of energy into being a competent and capable hunter (… most of the time), and I have an awesome goddamn cat. That eats faces. Math is the Hunter and thus I am the Huntard.

Farimu: is actually two characters. The first was my second character ever (well on my own account, I had one or two on a friend’s account, the night I stayed up until 6 am playing WoW, and fell in love with the game for the first time), over on Detheroc. Troll Shaman, made it to 32 before I stopped double-timing on two servers and stuck to Azgalor for a while. Then I remade him as a Troll on Winterhoof a few months ago, he became my second 80, and then after putting so much effort into him, I brought him with Math the day after. A lot of my time recently has been gearing and l2p his Enhancement set, and at least gearing his Resto set. HOLY CRAP MELEE IS DIFFERENT. Despite also being a female dreanei (because you have to be a spacegoat to be a shaman, and their men look funny!).

Beardy: Dwarf Warrior. My first character. Ever. He’s still in his original guild on Azgalor ( I ❤ you, Green Mountain Militia, even if most of my toons are in Brotherhood of Oblivion D: ), even! Eventually I want to get him to 80, and be Fury just so he can dual wield Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds and Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood in full Imperial Plate, except for the Embrace of the Lycan. And then still be my Bank Toon, which he is right now, in a pimpin' tux, pimp hat, and diamond-tipped cane.

Belzenef: 72 Orc Death Knight if Vek’nilash. One of these days, I’ll level him to 80. One of these days I’ll move him to Azgalor, but having just expatriated two toons from Winterhoof, I’ll wait a few months before paying to switch and transfer -another- one. Besides, none of the Alliance races rock me as Death Knights the way the Orcs and the Trolls do. He’ll, I guess, be a Dwarf. All things considered I could just make a NEW Death Knight there, but I spent 4k, and a lot of time, getting his JC to 450 (he still has ~70 unspent tokens, ffs!) and his Enchanting to Northrend Levels. I like this guy a lot. Plus, he has a White Kitten, and I’ll tell ya there’s something fucking cute about this deathly imposing Orc sitting down and playing with his tiny kitteh.

Mirrari: 47 Spacegoat Mage. My third or fourth character. Warrior, Shaman, Warlock, Paladin – huh, fifth. It was with her that I first really clicked, “hey, I love dpsing shit!” I make the big numbers that make things melt, burn, and then fall down and distribute loot. Dreanei, ’cause I made her near the start of TBC to check out the new starting zones and they were the new hotness. And I have a bit of a confession to make: I like the blue spacegoat women. I’ve got Eredar Fever and the only prescription is moar cowbell. Every time I see “WTB Port from X to Y, will pay 10g”, I think, “man, I wish I had a mage I could just LOG OVER TO.” If I didn’t want to have a tank (lol, instant queue time AND the ability to help guildies who need it) so much, she’d be my next 80. As it is, she’ll be my fourth. She picks flowers, and will probably pick up Inscription. She’s being levelled fire, even though Ice is by far “teh best !!1oneeleventy!” levelling spec for mages, FIRE IS FUN. “Charge at me, and all that will touch me is your ashes!”

Mir also has The. Best. Macro. Ever.

/cast Counterspell

Galgamesh: 47 Human Paladin – levelling Lolret, but will probably be Prot/Holy by 80. This way, if we need a tank or a healer, I’ll have a newb-friendly tank and both a raid healer (Fari) and a tank healer (Gal). Her name (’cause male humans look ridiculous with their Massive Steroid Forearms OF DOOM) is a bit silly. Originally it was to be Arturia, ’cause at the time I was on a big Fate / Stay Night kick and I wanted to make a female Pally with the name. The name was taken, so I thought, “Gilgamesh was pretty cool, too – plus it’s a spiffy name”. But Gil was taken. So I think, ‘hrm. Gal, sounds like Gil, and references that she’s gender-switched, sort of, same as Arturia vs. Arthur’ – and what do you know, it was un-taken! She picks flowers and mines, but since Math and Malth mine, she might stop smacking the earth in the face with a pick and pick up Alchemy. Because what’s better than a Paladin? One whose drunk and stoned off her own potions.

Malthorvos: Gnome Warlock! Because I gotta have a gnome, eh? It’s kinda funny. If his expression was less irrepressably cheerful, and Gnome Hair allowed for Cornrows ( … … … no. ), he’d kind of look a lot like Sten, from Dragon Age. In a dress. There’s not much to him, right now. He’s my little baby!Warlock. More will develop as he develops and levels up past 12. I’m not sure what I think of him right now, or why I’m playing him instead of Gal or Mir, since I already know both will beat him to 80.

?????: I really, really want to make a Dwarf Priest, and level him primarily through PvP and instances, as a healer (Disc, eventually dual-speccing … … into Holy). Besides, I still really really really want to get onto the little bubble under A’dal in Shattrath, fly up on a mount until I hit the ceiling, and then cancel that. Fall and no one would really see until suddenly OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE this screaming Dwarf goes AAAAH SPLAT and then BWONG Spirit of Redemption up this mother! Yes. I would level a priest just for this, and for LEVITATE EVERYWHERE. He just needs a name. I have a name I tend to use for priests (I’ve had and discarded two), but it’s a Shadow name, and not really suited for a Dwarf. As soon as I figure out what to name him, though, he’s so getting rolled. And then once he’s made and Cata comes out and Belzenef is moved to Az I’ll have one of every class on my server AND MAYBE THEN THE ALTITIS CAN REST.

… haha, who am I kidding? They’ll all need to be eighty! … five.

I also have names reserved for two Worgen:
Mathfurvos: Worgen Druid. Kittybear. Though Boomkin looks fun. And so does being a Treealer. Aaaagh so many choices because DRUIDS CAN DO IT ALL. I’ve been wanting for ages to roll a Druid, I just didn’t want to be a tauren and really didn’t want to be a Night Elf. CATA FIXES THESE ‘PROBLEMS’. Yay!

Awarewolf: Worgen Rogue. “A werewolf!” “I dunno, it looks pretty oblivious to me.” Well. It was that, or “Wherewolf”, but WHEREWOLF WAS TAKEN ALREADY. /cry.

And then there’s the Final Three, the unloved & the wretched (oh who am I kidding? They’ll all get maybe 1 or 2 levels in their life but I still love them all):
*****: Level 1 Dwarf Hunter on Winterhoof, he exists now only to talk to a couple people I know Alliance-side there. Which is why when Cataclysm comes out, I’m gonna delete him (ha!) and make a Goblin. The name is hidden because I actually don’t wanna be stalked, a bit, maybe.

*****: Level 58 Troll Death Knight – actually, this one doesn’t exist yet, but I’ll roll him in the near-ish future to keep in touch with a few people on Winterhoof.

Cowpitalist: Level 2 Tauren Warrior in a Pimp Suit – Actually you’ll almost never see me play this guy, he was my bank toon on Winterhoof. He’s just so rock in his getup that he needs to be noted, too.

After a while of playing them, a few of them start to take on a life of their own. I don’t roleplay on WoW, but I roleplay off, and then I write, and so in my mind, they start to become characters. And having this many alts just makes it worse. Or better. I’m not sure which. More present, certainly. Math takes insane risks, and walks out smelling like roses and mending his turtle or his kitteh because he’s a hunter and they do that. He also likes finding really tall, high-up things to climb up, look around, and then dive off of. Usually they’re into water, thankfully. Farimu is a bit neutral, actually. Belzenef Loev Kittehn. Mirrari liek fire, and I get more pyromanical on her. It’s not so much they develop personalities or characteristics, so much as I develop certain quirks of playing WoW that really only show up when I’m playing THAT character.

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