Ashen wings.

July 23, 2010 at 1:59 am (Uncategorized) (, )

This is a very personal post. This concerns the recent drama. I don’t know what might come from this, and I am breaking some secrecy, but… let the fates fall where they may. No explanations given for my readers who don’t know the actors.

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Is a Huntard who learns still a Huntard?

February 9, 2010 at 8:48 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Been thinking on what makes for a good player, from a 5man / raid perspective. Natural thinkiness (which sometimes, like when discussion my Theory of Optimal Combat Action, or TOCA, gets me more or less kicked out of guild chat! :O) + recent in-game stuff that highlights some points + I like lists (so why isn’t this one) = I’m working on a post. While it’s not done, yet, I’d like to highlight one important distinction.

ICC 10 Wednesday: it was a bit of a crap day/night for me, though I don’t remember why. It was also off to the fabled and apparently famous BoO start, wiping twice to Naxx trash by 14manning Anubbie – once to TRASH!, but hey, that’s lulz and unportentious. Though once we get to Icecrown Citadel?

Huntard: Ripping Deathbring Saurfang off the tank/s to come barreling towards you because you targetted the wrong thing to taunt, because SAURFANG IS NOT BLOOD BEAST. Twice. After the second time, and a just mid-raid yelling-at, I was feeling a bit shitty. Usually my huntard shenanigans are cheeky and fun. This was messy, and tragic. Which makes them … not shenanigans at all. Eeeevil shenanigans!

But you know what? We all make mistakes. Sometimes they’re stupid mistakes. I don’t care, you could be me, Amber, Pike, even The Great BRK, and you still can’t contain The Huntard. It’s one of those deals we sign. Warlocks agree to throw up a stone and throw down a cookie jar and then go splat because their purpose is served (<3 you, Cirisi!), Hunters try mightily but our containment barrels occasionally leak radioactive huntardation all over.

What is a big difference between a bad player (Huntard) and a Good One (ME!)?

I figured out what I did wrong, what caused this problem to happen, and figured out two ways to solve it (a possible alternation to overall raid strategy, or just taking a moment's breather). The second- or third-biggest trait I feel makes for good players is we see where we can improve, and fairly actively seek out ways to correct our problemgenic paradigms and to increase / refine our ability. We actively further our learning to play.

There's no five-point list there, no real way to do this, except to pay attention, think, and listen to what others who're as good as or better than you have to say, without just blindly following along. Actually, that kind of was a three-point list.

tl;dr: Math is a scrub who Distracting Shot'd Saurfang in the face, twice, and lived to tell about it because I LOVE FEIGN DEATH MU WA HA HA.

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Diplo…macy? What is that?

January 24, 2010 at 8:03 am (Random) (, , )

The scene: my Paladin is running around turning in quests. Had to run to Moonglade for the first time to turn in the quest from the end of Mauradon. Which means going through Timermaw Hold. But, you now I didn’t feel like doing the rep grind to neutral, so I’m just going to run it.

… Along the way, I draw some furbolgs, and kill a couple. I just notice rep changes.

Me: “Oooh, cool, I can just kill my way through to neutral.”

At this time, I should mention, Atropus is hanging around, and we’re waiting for other people to show up.

Atropus: “Uhm…”
Me: “OH WAIT. The rep is going DOWN.”

… What? It’s a form of diplomacy!

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Well, that was … an experience.

January 23, 2010 at 10:42 am (althattery) (, , , , , , , )

I am no longer pure DPS*. It figures, just yesterday, I was talking about talking about tanks vs. DPS, from a pure-DPS perspective, and now here I am a day later, having tanked**. Yes, if you go “wtf Math” you’re not the only one.
…It was also dealing with Looking For Dungeon people. Yes, if you go “oh, joy“, you’re not the only one.

So, it starts innocuously enough. My buddy Temnyi (no. I don’t know how to pronounce it, either) started playing WoW again; and I got him to roll on Azgalor. Wham, a two weeks later, he’s 49. Been levelling my Paladin, and she’s 53, so we decide to run the last chunk of Maraudon. Almost immediately I’m all but ripping off the bear, but he says my damage is easy to heal through. While this is going on, we’re talking in whispers, and I joke that I should ret tank the place. I ALMOST tossed on Righteous Wrath and was gonna rip everything to see how it went (Which happened anyway when we went balls out on the last boss) – but it felt like it’d’ve been rude to the bear, so I tried to watch my threat.

You know what my #1 thought on Ret Paladins in instances is? I. REALLY. Miss. Feign. Death.

Afterwards, I asked if he thought he could keep me alive ret tanking. Getting an affirmative, we queued for Sunken Temple, and I slapped on the higher-def, higher-stam helm that I got off a Mara boss. This … would be fun.

And you know? It was, and it wasn’t. I got a lot of what you’d expect from the LFD queue.

Plus, it was Sunken Temple. I’ve been here before ONCE. Eighteen months ago. Fuck, I could have sired two children and taught them to yell “ATTAAAAAACK” over vent in the time that’s past since I last set FOOT in The Temple Of Atal’Hakar. And it’s kind of a maze with some thing that needs to be done in VERY SPECIFIC ORDER.

We had one dps who knew the place, and Temnynol knew the place. They argued sometimes on which way to go like quibbling cats, but we got everything done.
That was the mage, and he was constantly riding me, the newbie tank, to go go go go go.
We had the warrior who would charge mobs, and me imagining him calling RAAAGH I ARE ARMS TANK.
We also had a dps randomly leave early on without a word, and then a replacement shaman. We spent about five, ten minutes trying to meet up because VANILLA DEVS LOEV MAZE, and then get back on the road.
Temnynol is fun, though, and a fine healer. 🙂

In fact, the warrior was pulling the minibosses. Or even packs of mobs. By charge. After running ahead of me (yes, I have Pursuit of Justice, but I was also being tentative). I wanted to let him die, I poked Tem that we should have let him die, but he said it would reflect badly on him and his professionalism, and y’know? I can understand and get behind that. I would have let him die, though. I’ll have to set some rules when I keep tanking.

After the lower half, Temn DCs, and we argue. Being my friend and guildie, I want to wait to see if he comes back, the rest of the group wants to gogogogo, eventually he gets kicked and we get a new healer. The three “dps” keep pushing ahead with no healer, I’m waiting on a healer. I have some cross words with the mage for rushing me, but I over-reacted – newbishness at work! – we hash it out, I apologize, we smooth things over.

We get a healer, we go through the MAZE AND DANCE of meeting up, and it turns out this healer … charges in faster than the warrior to attack mobs. Because they’re enhance. Queued as heals. Erhm. Yeah. Well, that was an experience! At least I didn’t die, and it was pretty quick – we were, after all, ALL FIVE OF US DPS SPEC.

After a lot of AoE pulls and mayhem we clear the upper level, I almost ding to 54, fun times are had, and I have tanked for the first time. It was certainly an experience. I think I need to look into some Tank UI mods, though; things like to know when someone else has agro, etc etc. Anyone who has newb tank UI and play advice, I would welcome it OH so very much. 🙂

Here’s to the adventure of tanking! Let’s hope I don’t get too many splats, and can even be half the tank I am a dps; I’d be happier with 95%, but even 50% would be good.

*Well … There’s Beardy. My first character ever was a warrior, in vanilla WoW. When they really were only tanks. He got to 22. I did not care for it. Though I love Beardy <3. I dunno if that counts or not, though.

**…Well, does ret tanking really count as tanking?

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January 15, 2010 at 6:27 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

My laptop – which I play WoW on – exploded. Well, it didn’t so much explode as ‘not boot up’. My desktop, which is older but still runs WoW, is down in San Marcos, and I won’t have access to it until Monday evening. And even then, I’m going to need to basically do a full reinstall of WoW (and Vent), and addons. Lovely.

So, yeah. This laptop I’m borrowing has a weird keyboard (the natural positions my fingers go to aren’t in the right areas now) – but I shall persevere. Just not play WoW for a while. *cry* And my 80s were so close to enough badges to get their first pieces of frost gear!

… Yet, [Lord Marrowgar Must Die!]? Really, Blizzard? Really?

However, the blogging will continue! Just, my friendly BoOites reading this, this is why you won’t see me for a while. Sigh, it’s too early in my membership to miss raids… 😦

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It’s A Form of Flying!

January 12, 2010 at 10:56 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Or, why mining in Icecrown is hazardous to me. If this had happened once, it’d just be sad or funny. As it’s happened several times, it’s… well, it’s something.


*Math flies around Icecrown with Track Minerals on, finds a ping*

“Oooh, look, Rich Saronite! Hrm, this is right on a ledge, and this is obnoxious.”

*maneuvers his drake, lands precariously, often on top of the node itself, and tinks away, smashing Azeroth in the face and picking up the delicious loose change it drops*

“Bwee, ore and primals and gems oh my! It’s like a rock pinata!”

*finishes, starts moving onward*

“…Uhm, self?”
“Yes, Math?”
“I’m still on foot. I’m going to fall.”
“*stops* Oh! Right. Yeah. I forgot to mount up. Okay. *mounts*”

*resumes moving, running forward and jumping off, wheeee! I ❤ BASE jumping in WoW!*

“This is the Wintersaber, not the drake.”
“Self, Wintersabers are ground mounts.”
“Yes, yes they are.”
“That means they can’t fly.”
“…Falling is a form of flying!”
“… Er, I don’t th-“



“Self, what did we learn?”
“Based on this being the sixth time that this has happened, nothing.”
“Sometimes, I think I hate you.”

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You never go full Huntard

December 31, 2009 at 8:45 am (stories) (, )

And yet, sometimes, it happens anyway. This is the story of how my life got flipped turned upside down I found that, you can do oh so good for so long, but, like darkness, huntardation always comes.

One day:
“Hey, let’s run Utgarde Pinnacle for achievements and try to get the blue drake! Besides, they now drop Conquest emblems!”

(…yeah, this is an older story, and despite being ancient and dusty news, it has yet to be lived down.)

Group forms up from guild, Quin, our illustrious healer and charm against death, who did the dubbing, was healing. I forget who the rest were – it doesn’t matter, they were still witnesses. Cleave through trash like they crossed our enrage timer, and get to Svala Sorrowgrave in short order. Quin, it bears noting, has a litte goose (affliction warlock, or “afflock”) alt.

We show Svala that being reborn in hot, frosty undead valkyrie glory is no good if a group of plucky, overgeared raiders are right there to clip your wings. It ends with her last Ritual of the Sword phase on me, and the sword is ticking down.

Do I move? No. I keep DPSing her.

Svala dies. Do I move THEN? Nah – she’s so dead (‘how dead is she?’), she won’t be alive when the countdown ends.

And what do you know? She dies before I do!

The boss fight is over! The danger is over! Loot is being distributed!

This is what happens next, in very quick succession and short order:
Mathorvos: *attends to loot*

So, yeeeeaaaah. When you kill Svala, the sword doesn’t go away. It keeps falling. And if you’re dumb, or oblivious, enough to keep standing under it, it’s going to go STABBY STABBY WHEE all over your face.

You know who else stands under swords instead of moving? Pets. Because they don’t have the AI for it.

…And this, folks, is why, to this day, I’m still occasionally refered to as “Warlock Pet.”

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