It’s A Form of Flying!

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Or, why mining in Icecrown is hazardous to me. If this had happened once, it’d just be sad or funny. As it’s happened several times, it’s… well, it’s something.


*Math flies around Icecrown with Track Minerals on, finds a ping*

“Oooh, look, Rich Saronite! Hrm, this is right on a ledge, and this is obnoxious.”

*maneuvers his drake, lands precariously, often on top of the node itself, and tinks away, smashing Azeroth in the face and picking up the delicious loose change it drops*

“Bwee, ore and primals and gems oh my! It’s like a rock pinata!”

*finishes, starts moving onward*

“…Uhm, self?”
“Yes, Math?”
“I’m still on foot. I’m going to fall.”
“*stops* Oh! Right. Yeah. I forgot to mount up. Okay. *mounts*”

*resumes moving, running forward and jumping off, wheeee! I ❤ BASE jumping in WoW!*

“This is the Wintersaber, not the drake.”
“Self, Wintersabers are ground mounts.”
“Yes, yes they are.”
“That means they can’t fly.”
“…Falling is a form of flying!”
“… Er, I don’t th-“



“Self, what did we learn?”
“Based on this being the sixth time that this has happened, nothing.”
“Sometimes, I think I hate you.”


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