I think BoO is a Pretty Cool Guy

January 10, 2010 at 7:55 pm (Random) (, , , )

…eh fights aliens old guild expectations and doesn’t afraid of sanity.

Been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been having to do LIFE things and then just having too much damn fun playing WoW, to post about WoW. Hrm. Maybe Teh Blogforce is weak in this one.

So, yeah. Alliance now. In switched him tuesday, after staying up late to do the Weekly – tuesday morning, woke up, found out that Faction Change resets your ID but doesn’t reset your having done the weekly. Shrug, and take advantage of SARTHWEEKLY to try and organize a zerg. And you know what?

Look at my drake, my drake is incredible, give him a lick ~mmmmm it tastes just so edible~ (warning! Link is NSFW due to brief animated horse winky).

VICTORY. Also, dear mr. paranoid guy: god forbid someone who can zerg Sarth 13 (which is a lot of people now) isn’t in guild. Out of habit, I was leading since I set it up, and set it to master looter. And so someone there starts insisting with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that I’m a ninja. I protest no, he says YES, he gets in a huff and leaves. I grumble, and set it back to NBG since, hey, that’s how it should go. And you know what happens anyway? Everyone rolls need on the Black Drake.

And I win it anyway.
The black drake was certainly a good score, but I tell you, vindication is the sweetest of all loots.


Then I switched servers, and found a new raid weekly, but no one wants to do it (’cause it’s Maly, and Maly sucks and apparently everyone becomes a Newb in it – even yours truly), and found that server change resets your raid IDs, but you STILL keep the raid weekly as being done, even if it’s different.

But oh well! Within a week I’ve come further than I’ve gone in a few months with PoV. Anub’arak 25? Dead. Raid was maybe a quarter pug, but you know what? I feels better to raid and progress and have pugs than it does to not do anything, or to do the same old Ulduar or Trial 10 instead of … oh, what’s this? Saurfang down? Saurfang down. Something else I learned: ICC is fun!

…Challenging, too, which just makes it all the better. Frustrating, sometimes. But, ultimately, rewarding.

The new guild is saner and – so far – relatively drama free (though that may just be me not being here long, or not being privy to officer chat this time around). And, goddamn, somehow, sorry my old folks, far more fun. And chain heroics on my Shaman is pretty fun. Melee is WTF omg WHIRLWIND and needing to STAYONTARGET and owning my poor little spacegoat’s face and wearing holes in her new boots, and I think she might be cursed to wear the same green trinkets forever (or at least another 22 Frost Emblems). But it’s new, and fun. From this, maybe it’s time to jump headfirst into tanking or healing (Shammy’s got a decent healing gear for non-wHoRe Heroics, just needs to get it enchanted).

Really, I haven’t been this happy with the game in ages.

Now I just need to get more than one person to switch servers to here 😀


And because it’s obligatory:

ZOMG my hunter now has blue tits! Wtf.

Mathorvos (oh, RNG, you cad) wasn’t much of a Blood Elf Man’s name, but it was servicable. As a female Spacegoat, however, it’s a bit less fitting – though I’m attached to it enough to be keeping it.

Oh, yeah, and due to downing Lady Raving Madwoman, I have a BOW again. BOOOOOOWWWWW. No more click BANG click BANG click BANG annoying sound, just the sweet thwiptwang thwiptwang thwiptwang thwiptwang of needling people into loot-filled pincushions with a BOOOOOOOW. I’ve not used a raid bow since Naxx 25, almost a damn year ago (Envoy of Mortality ftw, Widebarrel Flintlock ftw, yes, I got no upgrade from Ulduar, but only 3 of them, ever out of my reach, were upgrades over the best-named weapon in the game).




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tl;dr: it’s hard leaving a guild you helped found.

January 5, 2010 at 6:51 am (Random) (, , )

This is going to be a long post, without some tl;dr at the end, sorry. 🙂

With it being the first week of the new year, and with some big shakeups having happened WoW-wise, I’ve been thinking a bit about the way the game’s been to me.

I started playing in early 2006 (wow)… I joined a friend’s guild (those that got me into the game), I played around. I leveled a Dwarven Warrior (Beardy) to 22, while levelling a troll Shaman (Farimu) to 31 on another friend’s server. That friend has since rolled a new toon on the former server. Neither really clicked with me, and I then dicked around on different servers, with different people, on different classes – Paladin (to 47), Mage (also to 47), Warlocks (two of them!) to 29, another Shaman (after TBC) to 22…

But I never really got into Burning Crusade. My brother got to 60, was raiding MC and Ony and ZG. My friends were getting up in levels, but I was just, nothing had clicked.

… But then came The Burning Crusade. Sick of pvp servers, and having always preferred Horde to Alliance, when TBC came out I was curious about the new starting zones, and rolled a Blood Elf, and a class I’ve never played – Hunter. For the first ten levels “this kinda sucks.”

Level 10? Dragonhawk. *bit of reading* … Dragonhawk sucks… KITTY.

kitty kitty kitty kitty this is fun kitty kitty kitty

Level 19? I made the walk from Ghostlands to Darkshore, died several times, corpse vaulted, running naked beyond my skivvies and a shirt, to Darkshore, and tamed Psyense, later renamed Spiffykitty, the Ghostsaber of Awesome. Then it was love.

I met some people, I joined a fun levelling guild of good people, and it was class love; but I was still kinda levelling slowly. It took me about ages to get to level 80. 😮 But it was kind of “meh” on the game. But then around level … 35? 40? February 2007. Something clicked. I suddenly started to play a lot more, and hit level 80 a few months later (this was back before they reduced the xp and all) (if I remember right). My guild was a casual social levelling guild, not a raiding guild, so I had no prospects on Karazhan, not even an easy job of getting a guild heroic.

Despite this I persevered, and managed to get about as well geared as you could GET from Heroics, a bit of badges, and from PvP (thank you, Season 3, for coming out with our Axe of God and making S2 Marks-and-Honor!), managing to pug-kill Magtheridon and Gruul before the nerf. Nerf game out, and thankfully I had the CotN quest even if I’d never managed to kill Nightbane… In a pug attempt, I met a couple people from a new guild.

Despite my love for , I talked some to the people from this new guild. Some of my friends from other guilds (who’d previously left Magnate) were getting into the same guild, and so I applied, and I got invited to .

A few weeks the big nerf hit, I killed Nightbane and got my title, and a month later or so I asked the GM why I made it in – he said that with a look at my gear, even with no raid experience, I knew what I was doing, and could gear a Hunter well. That, and I was kept because, as they used to say back then, “Jesus, Math, your gear sucks – how do you do such good dps?”

… Because hunters are broken, and because Kitty Eat Face. But even for a Hunter I’ve always been good, and ever since then, except for the patch when I had to switch to Survival and then get used to it, I’ve almost always been in the top 5. Hell, I’m used to Top 2, fighting hard for 1. 🙂 But that’s in the future.

Infinium was good to me. More good friends, fun times, a competent guilded hunter to hunter-talk to (yes. all hunters do it), and I got to see raiding, learn a lot, and find out, yes, raiding is fun.

Wrath of the Lich King came out a few more months later, and thankfully it was on winter break – I was level 80 in eight days, one of the first ten in the guild, and then wham! Naxx.

But not all was perfect – the guild fell apart, and eight of us expatriated to a new server, and a new guild – , somehow (though I don’t recall how) related, apparently, to “The Curse”. I continued to serve and raid with distinction, but we never quite fit into CoE, and after a while (half of naxx, and a few weeks of ulduar), four of us – latter joined by one or two more – who were quite good friends (that’s me, Quinloki, Thaern, and Briannas, the three of which who will probably on and off be referenced here a good bit) left from that server, to a new one, to form our own guild, .

It was a rocky start, and the whole time has been a rocky road. We’ve managed to kill everyone but Yoggalon in Ulduar 10, and gotten to Keepers in 25, cleared Trial 10 and 25 up to Anub, and even got a group who is getting on towards the 10 Achievement drake in Ulduar. So we did alright for ourselves, but it’s been a lot of seesaws, in grasping distance of 25s, then losing a lot of people and crumbling back to 14-18 people on around raid time, but we did, I think, alright.

Did. Past tense. I’m not exactly the sort to start grousing about what happened in public (much as some might say otherwise =p), but ever since September (jesus, four months I’ve delt with this) there’s been growing tension among the four officers (being the four friends who founded the guild), and I’ve been less and less happy with the how, and some of the what, of the guild being run. It finally hit a head over some asinine argument, and knowing that it was well past time to go, I finally walked away on the 29th. Took my deep breath. Said a bit in guild chat, and on the guild forum. It wasn’t my guild or what I wanted anymore, though I still liked the people and leaving them was the hard part.

And /gquit.

A week later, here I am, packing up my two 80s on the server (my <3'd Hunter, and my Shamanling), clearing out my bank alt of everything I can't carry in their arms, and preparing to go back home to my first server.

Already got a guild lined up and waiting for me (got local friends on the server with a good guild with a good schedule), and I'm ready, I think, to finally walk away from the server. Said my goodbyes, got e-mail addresses, tried my best, albeit mostly unsuccessfully, to get a few people to go with me, got my bags and purse loaded.

Hah. I feel sorry for Mathorvos. Tonight, he's going to go to bed a Blood Elf Male.

Tomorrow morning, he's going to wake up a Draenei Female.

*wipes a few tears away*

Here's to old friends, good times, and new experiences.

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