News: Shiny Wings of Light have no substance

February 3, 2010 at 5:10 am (althattery) (, , , , )

… And therefore don’t let you fly!

*runs around through a bell shop flailing like a frantic and hopped up tree, ringringringringringringring*

So, uhm, I’ve kind of neglected this blog lately.

But I have my reasons! I promise!

Ding! 70!

Things I’ve learned about Paladins lately:
-I usually forget I even have a ret offspec; though it’s good to remember when targets are sparse enough that getting 4+ on me at once is difficult.
-Prot is viable for levelling and actually kinda fun when the mobs are melee or melee + 1 caster and can be rounded up. GROUPHUG OF THE RIGHTEOUS! Smitings for XP and JUSTICE! Mu wa ha ha!
-I’m either demented or the game gets radically different over the next ten levels, but TANKING IS FUN 😀
-Prot!Galgamesh is as cacklingly gung-ho and insane about leaping headfirst into danger as Math is about leaping… well … pet-first… into danger. IF ONLY THERE WERE A SKILL CALLED “PULL MOAR.” Or as I call it, “Holy Plurb” – basically a 30′ (OR MORE) cone (or sphere!) attack that only deals a small amount of holy damage and goes “Nyah nyah I poke you come thwack me!!”.
-It does make a considerable difference, having a healer with you upon whom you can thoroughly rely.

(a plurb is the sensation of a three-dimensional ripple in reality crossing through your space)

Stuff I’m Not Looking Forward To:
-Already lost 1k so Gal can even just fly in Outland; going to lose 5k more soon for Epic Flight.
-Tanking wHoRe … I’m sorry, Halls of Reflection.
-THE GUILD MESSAGE OF TODAY. AAAGH. Thank god I can’t draw, I’d be compelled to draw it.

Stuff I am excited for:
-Most Northrend heroics from a tank perspective!
-Instant Queues! MU WA HA HA.
-Becoming excellent at something else other than just dps.
-I really want to try Raid tanking. Especially, for inexplicable reasons, Council of Iron.

A final thought:
This hit me the other night – Protection Paladins are, basically, masochists. Especially before they get Divine Plea at Level 71. They work best and are on top of their game when they’ve got a lot of people all beating on them. One v. one, not taking much damage because HAY YOU’RE PROT HAVE SOME MIT AND MOAR AVOIDANCE, we are running OOM and sad. But give us a mob of things battering our defenses and smacking us around and we’re all BWEE I TANK YOU ALL.

Either that or, like I said, I am demented.


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Tanking is fun!

I realized part of why. At heart, I am a hunter. Hunters are inherently … oh, how shall we say? … high-threat creatures. But but but in Panzerdin mode I AM REWARDED FOR THREAT. SPAM EVERYTHING FULL BORE AHEAD CAP’N.

I enjoy this. 😀

My tanking is getting better, but of course it helps to have a talented and guilded healer at your back. I may launch myself into some pure randoms though just to see how I can do with Random Heals. That seems to be the real test. I love instant queues almost as much as I haet the dumb and impatient I sometimes get – except I totally had a DK today who, when asked nicely, deathgripped stray healers into the middle of the beatdown. I mean, the fun. Feeling lonely, mr. Fel Orc Caster? That’s okay! HAMMER OF THE RIGHTEOUS is here to GIVE YOU A HUG.

Been tanking Ramps a few times and handling the extra stray packs that sometimes jump in randomly because they feel sad and left out, and would rather feel glowy and hole-y.

I like this. After trying and faceplanting against Marrowgar 25 all raidnight, tanking is oddly relaxing. Everyone tells me it gets worse when I get to 80, but I guess I’ll see. I have good people I can ask for advice.

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Magic gremlins. The only explanation.

January 21, 2010 at 7:47 pm (althattery) (, , , , , )

Or the blogging wouldn’t continue. I guess I got kinda neglectful with my laptop dying and coming back to life. But I’m getting back into WoW, and now back over here.

So why are magic gremlins the explanation? Because after all the trouble I went with my dead computer, poking, prodding to no success, then popping out the hard drive and backing it up, I take it in to the Best Buy, the tech plugs it in, pokes the button, and it boots up.

… que.

Shuts it down, does it again. Takes it back, checks the battery, checks the RAM connections, dusts it out, and just hands it back. Apparently it’s some sort of battery problem from it dying or getting plugged in near the time it went into sleep mode, or something. Agh. But okay. Get it home, get everything restored, keep it plugged in while waiting for my replacement battery. New problems crop up, but what do you know, a bit of hassle and several reboots later, it’s working again.

… For now.

*eyes it warily* Magic curse goblins. Or witches. o.o

But WoW runs! So I’m back! My Shaman finally got his trinket, and somehow my alt has Frost gear before my Hunter, who’s -actually been inside Icecream Citadel-. This is is unacceptable, yet true. And I’ve started levelling the Paladin. 4.75 levels in two nights of a bit of levelling and reacquainting and messing with cast bars isn’t bad, just have to find a stride. And that stride is called THE PLAGUELANDS. I swear, Pallies were MEANT to level in this place. Nothing like running around in BoA gear with explosions of holy light going GWE HEE HEE and crumpling eight or ten at-level zombies and skellies all at once. Mr. Scourge, I am YOUR Scourge!

…Speaking of Paladins, a word to all my Hunta Brothas and Sistas: if you’re going to try and gank a paladin at equal level, don’t try when they’re at full hp and mana, haven’t seemed to pop any cooldowns, and know you’re there. Seriously. Or, you know, at least be good. Mr. Orc Hunter in Un’goro, I commend your balls and am sorry I had to hand them to you, but if you want to gank me with a hunter, try harder. I even gave you a chance. Next time I’ll Repentance you, kill your wolf in front of your stunned eyes, and then dismantle you at my leisure. Mmkay? You want to gank me with my class, you’re welcome to try.

Ha, this is fun. Plus, it seems next week is ICC25. This makes me and the hunter go bwee. Not sure how much the Hunter and Shaman will see play beyond the JC daily and getting them up to Crusader (AGAIN) for the Hunter and just a RED MECHANOSTRIDER (seriously, this is <4) for the Shaman right now. Too much fun in the plaguelands giggling with gleeful wrath as undead fall down go boom.

It is fun to be back and writing, and I'll get to something resembling a thoughtful and meaningful post, well … eventually. 🙂

But just watch. The last time or two I was in Plaguelands, it was coming in from / going out to The Undercity via the Bulwark. Bets on my Paladin getting killed at least once on autopilot? I … won't bet against you.

eta: Oh, Myssidia over at A Casual Encounter reminded me: sometimes, the most fun stuff isn’t the most challenging. Sometimes when you can’t down Marrowgar, it’s not doing Trial of the Grand Crusader, Firefighter, Sarth 28, or Yogg 0. It’s utterly owning regular ol’ Trial 10. It’s two tanks on Beasts and then one tank, two healers, and seven dps for the rest of the night (eight dps on Champs) – it’s figuring out the trick to mad un-Empowered dps on Twin Valkyrs (namely: light buff means the light one takes less damage, but she still TAKES DAMAGE, and with a shared health pool, abilities that hit both, like Multi Shot or that Rogue thing to hit both adjacent mobs or Magma Totem / Fire Nova, does significantly more damage, why did it take me so long to realize? Likely ’cause until now usually there’s two tanks and they’re not right on top of each other) and getting the speed kill with ~:45 seconds to spare. It’s one-shotting Champs 10 with, what, one death? It’s … and I still get this huge, ridiculous, almost manic grin from this – it’s burning Anub’arak so hard and so fast – with one tank, mind! – that he goes into Phase 3 before he even gets a chance to submerge once.

This, Anub’arak, is your Couch. This smoldering, ashen, kersplattered wreckage, is your Couch on BoO. Any questions?

Yeah. I thought not. Now, surrender your loot.

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WoW 2009 In Review: The Meme

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Normally I don’t really go for “old year new year” memes and such, but as I recently left a longstanding social group and a long line of Horde characters and a guild I helped found to change servers, change factions, and roll with a new group of friends, right at the end of the year. All things considered, WoW-Wise, I think this actually quite fits.

World of Warcraft 2009 Year in Review

What did you do in the World of Warcraft in 2009 that you’d never done before?
Hardcore / Prog Raid. This one isn’t entirely true, as I started my raiding career just a few weeks before 3.0 back in … October? And we were a three+ raid/week guild, though we were “only” a T5 guild (no Vashj, no Kael) that got bumped up to baby!T6 with teh nerfings. Around the new year, though, we had the geared people to start going into Naxx seriously in 10s and even start 25s, but … it was around the new year, and fairly new. I was a good little four-nights-a-week, 8pm to 1am ‘hardcore’ raider – until I got seriously burned out on it.

What was your favorite new place that you visited?
You mean I have to pick just one? Then I’d probably say … hm. Wyrmrest Temple, ’cause I’m a big lore fanboy, and … c’mon! It’s ALEXSTRAZA. Or maybe the back half of Ulduar – the fights were technical, but also fun (unlike 2/3rds of Trial of the Crusader), without being as punishing as ICC is (right now), they were demanding but enjoyable, and the bosses were pretty cool. Plus, “holy crap, we’re wiping on trash? we have to take this seriously (until we get more gear)?!” was a fun notion for a while. Oh, and back in November, getting to run Onyxia at-level and face it as a serious threat that took us several tries to down (albeit more from massive doses of ‘doing it wrong!’ rather than Onyxia being HARD)… because … *deep breath* OnyxiaOnyxiaOnyxiaOnyxiaOnyxiaOnyxiaOnyxia \o/

… Ilikedragonsshutup.

What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Sartharion 25 with three Drakes up. This was back in the middle of February, back when the fight was punishing and demanding like nothing else (except Sarth 13). This took several weeks of learning the fight, a lot of work to get myself to the gear and skill necessary, and then in the end a lot of patience and luck in addition to the prodigious combined skill of Curse of Eminence. Mimiron? Ha! Anub’arak 25? Pff! This was the hardest raid encounter I successfully participated in at-level, and the sense of victory afterwards was immense. Almost a year later (holy shit! :o) I still toss on my title on for warm fuzzies.

Speaking of achievements, and warm fuzzies, I also helped a couple hunters, first with Beast Mastery and then with Survival, emulate my mad dps. I think one even exceeded his teacher. 😀 Seriously, a couple came to me because they saw me raid, our my raid leader pointed me out, asking for advice – which is something I’m always willing to give. We talked about gear, gems, specs, talents, other huntery behaviors, and then a few days or weeks later they came back saying that they’d become seriously better hunters. Actually, Twilight Vanquisher is one thing, but I think this is my favorite accomplishment.

What was your biggest failure?
Participating in the decline of PoV and not doing something about it sooner, by putting my foot down harder and raising my voice louder, or just by having quit one of the half-dozen times previous I was sorely tempted. I loved the people, but good god staying there was bad for me.

What did you get really, really, really excited about? Cataclysm! This actually precipitated a lot of the dramaz in PoV, in one way or another. Half the guild really kind of died on that day, and was keeping going just for social ties and for to see Arthas die. A lot of people hated (with, I believe, little basis) a lot of the announcements regarding Cata. I was really the only one (who spoke up, at least) who was balls-out excited for Cataclysm’s release.

*runs around in circles*DeathwingDeathwingDeathwingDeathwingDeathwingDeathwingDeathwingDeathwing*runs around in circles*

98% of what I’ve read for Cataclysm gives me either cautious optimism (a new chance to learn brand new things – new gearing philosophy? A talent revamp? A whole new resource system – focus instead of mana – to learn to manage? – for my favorite class? This makes me go oh so very bwee) or outright excitement (guild talents! GOBLINS! WORGEN! DEATHWING! FLYING IN AZEROTH! MASSIVE CHANGES TO THE GAME WORLD!), and the last 2% is stuff that doesn’t bug me, but doesn’t excite me (stat simplicity on the whole – actually, that kind of excites me, too – I don’t believe selecting better gear is HARD, it just takes some work to find out which is the better, and it will be better, or worse).

What do you wish you’d done less of?
A bit less hardcore four-five night raiding. But, seriously, though I burned myself out for a bit on raiding, it was a good year. I don’t think I overdosed on too much, so – I’m sure after this gets posted I’ll /facepalm and think of something I should have said, but … it was a good year. I’m going to go with the silly, twee answer: contributed less to PoV’s guild bank, especially in the last couple months. 😛

What was your favorite WoW blog or podcast?
Edit: Oh, Blog In General. I’d say, probably, Amber over at I Like Bubbles. Her blog is what poked me over to actually start blogging, and got me thinking, yeah, BoO will probably be a Pretty Cool Guy. Plus? We can blame her for teh flowcharts.

Tell us a valuable WoW lesson you learned in 2009.
Enjoying the game, for me at least, takes both good company and a good organization, and no matter how much I might love one, if I don’t love both, I’m going to be miserable and go crazy.

What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?
-A high rank, or at least familial position, in a functional guild, more than two 80s (and while we’re at it, a couple level 85s!), a 310 Speed Mount other than the Violet Proto-drake, and of course: a moderately successful hunter/wow blog with something to say, that people enjoy reading.

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