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March 1, 2010 at 8:42 am (Random) ()

Well I guess it’s been hit for a while.

I haven’t talked about hunters in a while, ever really since putting some evidence out there that serpent > viper on Lady Deathwhisper. I haven’t really touched my hunter except to raid in a while.

I have mounds of topics and formed ideas for blogs, but instead of writing them, I’ve been gearing up my Paladin.

I have school work, but instead of doing as much as I should, I’ve been gearing up my Paladin.

I have a blog to write, more blogs to start, and stories I want to write, but instead, I’ve been gearing up my Paladin.

I’ve really taken to it. Too much. I’ve been too into WoW, in general, ever since I started tanking on Gal.

I’ve had insomnia. I’m not sure if it’s because of WoW or if that’s just how I wind down to sleep, but I need to try not doing it. Yes I’m aware of how late I’m writing this.

I seriously need to scale back. Missing two raids out of three this week because of stuff that I planned to do before I joined BoO seems good cause for a break. Don’t worry. I’m still here! Hell, I’ll probably tank a random a day for frost, and rotate H ToC, H HoR, and HoR, one a day, to finish out Gal’s first gear set. And I still want two more Rimefang’s Claws.

But being on all day? Not for a while. It kinda took over my life. I’ll be around. I’ll hop on vent. I’ll show up. But I’m gonna take my life back over. Which will be fun, ’cause I’ve built a mean little tank that I have to wear down while being pelted by a hunter and a kitty who, well, wants to eat my face.

Weirdly, this actually means I’m gonna blog more!

Take care, BoO, and whatever non-BoO-folks are in my readership.


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