Promotions! That’s now LIEUTENANT Huntard!

May 28, 2010 at 6:42 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I – pledge – my – allegiance
Toooo all things dark
And I promise on my damned soul
To – do – as I am told
Lord Beelzebub has never seen
A soldier quite like me
Not – only – does his job

But does it hap-pi-ly…

*smiles slowly*

As of tonight, I am an illustrious officer in the glorious Brotherhood of Oblivion. If you’ll permit me a moment?




… AHEM, self. I said “AHEM”.

Oh. Well then. I’ll be nice. And quiet. I guess.

I promise to be fair and to keep the interests of the guild and it’s functioning close to heart. I truly believe in good officering, and I shall to my best to carry out the duties of my office. I just have some fun with the affected appearances of power-mad glee.

Also, it’s been a couple months, but I’m back. I’ll get something about Hunter Changes, well behind the curve, up in the near future. And maybe talk about what it means, to me, to have – and to be – an officer.

But I figured the shiny new silver bar was a good reason to dust this place off and come back. Hello again. 🙂


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… What is this I don’t even…

February 1, 2010 at 7:12 am (Uncategorized) ()

From Stats on my dashboard, for top searches:

started leveling a warrior with all the boa gear, thought it’d be interesting to see if i could level faster than questing if i went prot and spammed instances for xp (not to mention the gear etc). and have done so since level 25. just dinged 52 and have noticed something rather evil about a lot of lazy/exploiting players. after entering an instance, some lazy hunter or rogue (im not being racist here, it just seriously always is hunters or rogues, and i have a level 80 hunter and a level 80 rogue … =/ ), will announce “brb” and then just cease to return for the full 15min lockout they have from being kicked. they set themselves on follow on a caster or healer of some sort, and gain themselves a 15min (sometimes full run depending on instance), xp fest whilst they kick back and watch the daytime t.v. to me this is rather disrespectful and was wondering if any1 else had experienced this, or whether its just something i’m picking up on and no1 else is encountering? or are you the bishtards that fake brb and afk for 15mins whilst gaining free xp and slowing down the group? just to clarify, not ranting or raging, just noticed a new trend of afkers and instead of residing in bg’s, they seem to spam lfg randoms and go afk for thier 15mins of protection against being kicked. also i’m still unclear as to how the anti-vote kick thing works. it is 15mins right? the same timer as teh dungeon cooldown? can someone enlighten me at some point during the discussion in this thread? regards – kaneshiro

…. What?

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